Review: The Bachelorette episode 8 and 9 - 'Girthy' legs, bulging hernias on show in Argentina

We got to see a lot more of the men than we bargained for these episodes - a lot more.

Jesse feeds Lily. Source: 1 NEWS

Tavita Karika was nearly ruled out of the competition by default after he found a bulging (self diagnosed) hernia in his lower abdomen.

If you’re squeamish I’d advise to look away as he does a show-and-tell with the other lads.

Despite fearing he could need surgery and therefore have to head home lass-less, Tavita took himself off to the hospital.

“Bad news,” he said upon returning sour-faced, only to come clean that his hernia was non-urgent and he was still in the competition.

The bromance lives on.

He just need to make sure he’s pooping and farting normally and he’ll be “all good”. Thanks for the info Tavita, wow.

He wasn’t the only one showing off some skin this week, though.

But we’ll get to that.

Before they headed to Argentina, Glenn Richards got brutally eliminated right before they got on the bus to the airport.

“S***, but then kind of 'yay' at the same time,” Marc Johnson commented. I have to admit I had the same thoughts.

For those who made the more than 10,000-kilometre journey, they all got time with bachelorettes Lesina Nakhid-Schuster and Lily McManus on definitely some of the most awkward ones so far this season.

Lily gives Jesse a rose. Source: 1 NEWS

There were cringey arm arounds, dingy basement foot rubs, bacon and egg printed speedos and “dry” pash sessions.

The “alpha dogs” also came out again and there was even some backstabbing, with Aaron McNabb dropping Steve Braunias in it for being a smoker.

But despite the cocktail party drama, it was Kurt Johnston who got friend-zoned by both women and sent packing to take the lonesome flight home.

While his shot at love with the bachelorettes is over, things got serious with some of the front runners these episodes.

There was talk of engagements, marriage and even kids. And Aaron confessed he was ready to move cities from Hamilton to Auckland for Lesina.

“If I was going there for you, I’d move tomorrow,” he told her.

On the other hand, the usually silly and bubbly Terence O’Brien got emotional about his feelings for Lily.

“Every time I meet a girl I get scared like it’s only a matter of time until I f*** this up,” he confessed. But his self-sabotaging ways didn’t stop him bagging a rose at a group football date where the men took on the Atlanta Women’s Football team, albeit losing 7-1.

Lily commented on his “pale” and “girthy legs” as what made him stand out among the other men during the match.

The amount of times she said “girthy” would have been the most cringe-worthy moment of this week's dates if it wasn’t for Logan Carr’s pash with Lesina following their rollerskating one-on-one.

Lesina & Logan kiss. Source: 1 NEWS

While he was stoked with how it went, commenting off camera Lesina used the words “dry” and “gasping for air”.

But she wasn’t put off, adding, “regardless of the dry kiss situation, I really liked being intimate with Logan”.

Could he be a new front runner? Or perhaps the rollerblading and terrible first kisses just remind Lesina of her youth? The other men aren’t threatened by the self-proclaimed romantic, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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