Review: The Bachelorette episode 3 - contestant called out as disrespectful to women and labelled a 'weirdo'

Things got heated in more ways than one on this episode of The Bachelorette New Zealand.

The Bachelorette's Lesina Nakhid-Schuster lets the men in on a secret. Source: TVNZ

There were both lemon-faces and late-night lemon antics, lost undies, dirty jokes, naked flips and what? A second Bachelorette?

The claws came out this episode, with cracks starting to show in what looked to be a bunch of homies. For good television purposes I'm pleased the men are bringing the sass.

But first, Brendan Cavangh got the boot at the rose ceremony - unsurprising after he admitted there was no spark with Lesina Nakhid-Schuster in last night's episode.

Then Tavita Karika was taken on his first one-on-one date. The pair took part in a cringeworthy Titanic reenactment (respect), before Lesina dared him to jump into the freezing Auckland Harbour waters - which of course he did.

On to the formal portion of the date and Lesina walked in dressed to the nines in a black one-holder dress. Pan to Tavita, in contrast he was waiting dressed in a t-shirt, towel and no undies on - it seems he didn't get the dress code memo on that one. Oops.

But he later jazzed his look up with a rose after receiving one from Lesina. "It looks so sexy, a rose and no undies," she joked.

Back at the mansion though, jealousy and sniping reminded me of what this show is all about. I feel like the Bachelor girls brought the claws out a lot earlier from memory.

Anyway, several of the men were gossiping about Glenn Richards' "strange antics" involving none other than a lemon. He apparently went on a lonesome late night walk to pluck a lemon from a distant tree to bring back to the house for fellow contestant Liam Cochrane. Liam was as lost as us all at the gesture.

But it was later on when Glenn's behaviour really started to grind some gears in the mansion. 

He "joked", as he called it, about being Lesina's guardian and that the men would need his permission to make a move on her.

"What a f***ing weirdo," Marc Johnson commented on the unusual antics. It's confusing to my brain to see this pair in a rift since they look virtually the same. Who is mad at who again?

"I think it's hugely disrespectful to women at the end of the day," Marc told him, as Glenn crashed in on his time speaking alone to the camera. "I don't think a lot of people saw it as a joke," he added.

An interesting way to apologise from Glenn though: "Sorry if you took it serious".  To be honest, the men have been too nice up to this point so it's entertaining to see the claws coming out.

Kiwi drag queens Kita and Anita host the Bachelorette's talent contest. Source: TVNZ

Up next, a group date and the Marc-Glenn tension rolled over to the Bachelorette's NSFW talent competition, hosted by Kiwi drag queens Kita and Anita and one which included dirty jokes, strip teasing, drag makeup and nudey runs.

Marc gave Lesina a saucy oil-covered lap dance before asking, "did you mind me touching her Glenn?"

Glenn was next to take the stage in the talent contest with a questionable rap. It was awkwardly sexual, with some unusual inside jokes I definitely don't want to know the back story to.

After further digs at other men, strip teases and naked flips into the pool, there was hope - Auckland travel agent Logan Carr took to the stage with his guitar for what looked like he was going to play her a song.

But no, he presented a music-less picture story - something about baby doctors and being sad in the sky???

Lesina, who was "actually speechless" - same girl, powered through and she must have been impressed, in the end Logan won some one-on-one time with Lesina and even bagged himself a rose.

Leaving the episode on another cliffhanger though, Lesina introduced what? Who? How? Another Bachelorette?! ... Or is it a trap to see who the sleazes are? Guess we'll have to wait to find out next week.