Review: The Bachelorette episode 15 - Contestant suffers allergic reaction, taken to hospital after eating avocado-laden burrito

Elliot Gilchrist has had a hellish season on The Bachelorette New Zealand.

Source: 1 NEWS

He was eliminated night one, but his lucked turned in his favour when producers brought him back alongside four new men.

But in tonight's episode, a typically harmless and humble burrito was all it took to bring down the bare-headed beast.

Wānaka painting company owner Elliot suffered an allergic reaction to millennial-favourite - avocado.

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The hospital trip only added to the drama at the cocktail party. Source: 1 NEWS

"One teaspoon of avocado will kill me," he muttered, amid the microphones painfully picking up his gagging and vomiting from the bathroom.

Fellow intruder and Wānaka lad Richie Boyens was by his side throughout the scary ordeal.

"The thought it could've got worse and worse and worse, that was just terrible," Richie told cameras.

The pair then shared a beautiful post-vomit hug in the gutter outside the bar. We've all been there, mate.

Bachelorette Lily McManus also joined them to give Elliot an apparently non-sympathy rose before paramedics swiftly took him off in an ambulance to hospital. "We don't want your throat closing up," Lily said. Too thoughtful.

Elliot's the second of the men to go down during their Argentinian stay.

Last episode, Tavita Karika appeared to be giving bachelorette Lesina Nakhid-Schuster an ultimatum on if he should stay or go to get medical treatment for his bulging hernia.

Tavita Karika asks for assurance from Lesina Nakhid-Schuster. Source: TVNZ

Perhaps they're taking until death do us part a little seriously this early on, but after a sit down with Lesina at the cocktail party where they shared how much they dig each other, Tavita said he's "in it for the long haul" - the surgery can wait! If that's a gesture not worthy of a rose I don't know what is.

But it was newcomer Mac Mataia whose floor-thrusting dance moves failed to impress and he was sent home. He was so new to the show though that it took a minute to comprehend the fact that not getting a rose and the other men saying their goodbyes meant he was actually going home. 

As for fellow newbie Mike, he must've made some sort of impression, that or she wanted some more alone time to figure out the mysterious hunk, because Lesina picked him for a one-on-one.

Their date was painful to watch. There's a reluctance on his side to fully open up, and an overly pushy side of Lesina that makes him crawl into his shell.

Mike Bullot tries to lighten up on his date with Lesina Nakhid-Schuster. Source: TVNZ

However, despite her earlier comparing Mike to a bodyguard following her around, Lesina admitted she can see glimpses of hope when he loosens up.

It doesn't seem natural yet, but I'm still holding onto hope for this pair. Their babies would be stunning!

Lily McManus tattoos her name on Jesse Williamson's foot. Source: TVNZ

Meanwhile, Lily took Jesse on a single date where he successfully dug himself out of what looked to be him sliding into the friendzone.

She tattooed her name on his foot after he lost some other bet which I didn't even fully understand if I'm being honest.

No biggie to Jesse though, I don't think he understands the permanence of a tattoo.

"I don't think mum will be happy that I got a woman's name tattooed on my body but hey, like I said, it's a bit of fun and it's on my foot so it'll probably wash off because I'm at the beach a lot," he said.

Blindfolded again, Jesse opened up to lily about how he feels about her romantically, and apparently Mike too, before they shared their first kiss. 

Lily McManus pashes Jesse Williamson. Source: TVNZ

And "not naming any names", he also made time to address the drama at the cocktail party the previous night, quickly dropping Elliot and Liam Cochrane's names in the same breath.

But back out the house, a "talking bottle" helped the men flesh out the "animosity" from the eventful evening.

With shots fired like "grow up Peter Pan" and "if he thinks he's gonna come in here with his tanned skin and his good jawline he's got another thing coming", I wasn't sure they'd be able to get past it, but it was apologies all 'round for the men as they cleared up the divide formed after an oldies prank on the new men and Elliot "s*** stirring" by not talking about his one-on-one with Lesina.

But Elliot called the apology "utter bulls***" and Terence is refusing to accept Jesse's sorry.

It looks like the fallout is set to continue.

The Bachelorette New Zealand airs on TVNZ2 on Sunday - Tuesday, and OnDemand.