Review: The Bachelorette After The Final Rose - Lesina vows to never go on reality TV again in emotional reunion special

Lesina Nakhid-Schuster struggled through emotions to open up about leaving the show alone, Liam Cochrane was back to properly express what the deal with his girl back home was.

Richie Boyens and Lily McManus. Source: TVNZ

Then the men opened up about their "brutal" eliminations and Glenn Richards was back to defend himself about his "homophobic" and "misogynist" comments.

But with all the dirty laundry out, it didn't take the spotlight away from the happy couple that emerged from it all as we caught up with Lily McManus and Richie Boyens on what dating has been like on the outside.

While they haven't said the words love, or purple (their word for love - awww), the couple looked very loved up as they gushed about their secret dating life.

With no secrets anymore, Lily let viewers in on exactly what they'll be doing at their AirBnB after filming of the special. Not TMI at all Lil, not at all.

Bachelorettes Lesina Nakhid-Schuster and Lily McManus. Source: TVNZ

Meanwhile, who wasn't gushing about pair? Fellow contestant 'dreamy' Mike Bullot said the pair had set up their love haven at his place, and rent free for Lily for that matter. If only he'd sorted his s*** with Lesina and they could've been like mum and dad and the raunchy teens in one big, happy home.

But Mike should just be glad the laws are the laws in this country, he could've been in for a lot more freeloaders at his pad after Lily, who cuddled up on the couch with runner ups Quinn Ryan and Jesse Williamson, made the comment, "if it was legal I'd take all three".

Quinn Ryan, Lily McManus and Jesse Williamson. Source: TVNZ

"Take a leaf out of Glenn's book," Art responded.

And that segue ways us into the drama of this season.

Probably the most disliked guy of the season, personal trainer Glenn Richards, was back to set the record straight about his comments deemed disrespectful to women and homophobic.

If you missed it, he told the other men in the house they had to get his permission before locking lips with Lesina, persistently tried to angle for a "two for one" deal with both bachelorettes, and when George Hellriegel came out as bisexual to his new mates, Glenn made an odd comment about him not being as masculine.

In tonight's special though, Glenn defended what he said as his sense of humour and hugged it out with the men who took offence. Resolutions, I like it, but it wasn't resolutions for all. Liam still has beef with Aaron over being dobbed in for his "girlfriend" who wasn't really his girlfriend and Jesse didn't seem too stoked to be sat next to the house stirrer either.

Not a lot seems to have changed for the Hamilton teacher though. Tonight he called out Lesina for leading him on after the show finished in a very awkward confrontation in front of a live audience and her parents! Saying they had "hung out" after the show several times. 

"If that's not leading someone on I don't know what is," he said. But Lesina held herself well, saying her feelings didn't just disappear since the show finished. 

Mama Camille was back at it being a star though. She rushed to her girl's aid, armed with tissues when things go emotional - go mum!

Lesina opened up about it being her first and final stint in reality television though.

"I've done my reality TV thing, I'm just going be a doctor," she vowed.