Response to Mongrel Mob Grand Theft Auto V mod '99 per cent positive'

Grand Theft Auto has been given a Kiwi makeover and it's causing a buzz online.

A screenshot from a modification of Grand Theft Auto V featuring New Zealand themes

Hawkes Bay man Andre Hema-Kani has turned the game's Los Santos into a NZ-inspired city by creating and inserting 'textures' of Kiwi businesses such as The Warehouse, Kiwibank and Pak 'n' Save.

"I posted it up to get a few replies, see what people thought of it, and it just got out of control," said Andre.

What's caused the biggest stir are scenes of Mongrel Mob and Black Power gang members. One scene shows a gang member shooting a rival.

"(Reaction) is 99 per cent positive, they've been real good, but the general public seem to focus on the picture with the patch too much."

While Dr Bodo Lang of the University of Auckland admires Andre's creativity, he worries about the impact it could have on young gamers' minds.

"This is a great effort, this is what is called user-generated content, it makes the games very real, because these are things that we can relate to, that the gamers can relate to, (but) that's not what we really want to see as a society."

Andre Hema-Kani is yet to release the modifications for use due to concerns that the featured businesses will object to the use of their branding.

Grand Theft Auto modifications are typically created by fans and are not supported or endorsed by the game creators, Rockstar Games.

Modifications are used on GTA's PC versions. Once released, they are generally free for download and can be obtained online from fan sites.