Renee Zellweger slams face critics: 'I'm glad people think I look different'

Renee Zellweger says she looks different because she's "living a different, happy, more fulfilling life".

The 45-year-old Oscar winner issued a statement to People magazine earlier this week after she became a trending topic on Twitter, with many fans claiming the actress had become "unrecognisable." Her appearance at a Hollywood event earlier this week sparked widespread Internet chatter.

Zellweger's most recent acting credit was in 2010, and she says, "People don't know me in my 40s."

She described conversations about her appearance as "silly", and said: "I'm glad folks think I look different! I'm living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I'm thrilled that perhaps it shows.

"My friends say that I look peaceful. I am healthy. For a long time I wasn't doing such a good job with that. I took on a schedule that is not realistically sustainable and didn't allow for taking care of myself.

"Rather than stopping to recalibrate, I kept running until I was depleted and made bad choices about how to conceal the exhaustion.

"Perhaps I look different. Who doesn't as they get older? Ha. But I am different. I'm happy."

Renee Zellweger 2014, 2004

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