Remembering reggae legend Bob Marley's only NZ concert, 40 years on

It was a concert that changed the New Zealand music scene forever.

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The music legend’s one and only appearance in New Zealand is still fondly remembered, decades on. Source: Seven Sharp

Forty years ago today, reggae legend Bob Marley landed here for what would be his first and only performance in Aotearoa.

Tigilau Ness, otherwise known as the godfather of New Zealand reggae, was among those who were front a centre at Auckland's Western Springs on April 16, 1979, he reminisced.

“I was oversees at the time and I just dropped everything I was doing,” he told TVNZ1’s Seven Sharp. “You couldn't move – well, apart from the gangsters who had their patches and stuff. They had their own space.

“I’m a changed person because of it. At that time I was a political activist and I was heading for trouble - I ended up in prison. But it was Bob’s music that got me though...It changed my life.”

For Seven Sharp’s full story on the legendary concert, watch the video above.