Regular Kiwis hit the road in new show Travel Guides

Travel shows traditionally involve some celebrity who thinks every place they visit is a blend of the "old and the new", "a melting pot" full of "must-see" and other such cliches.

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Julian Lee met up with three lads on the TVNZ 2 show. Source: Seven Sharp

But Travel Guides is about regular Kiwis giving their honest opinions on local destinations.

One of the groups is Ray, his younger brother Hyrum and cousin Lima.

It was Ray's idea to audition for the TV show, much to Hyrum's chagrin.

"Ray calls me like at 9am at work. We're all busy at work, I get to work at like 6am, I open the building, I cut the ribbon," Hyrum told Seven Sharp.

"When I answer he just rushes into it, 'I just need you to say yes', I said you haven't even asked me yet.

"He just told me I was like, 'Pfft. He's got no choice, I'm the older brother'. He called my mum and he said, 'Tell Hyrum to say yes to what I say, OK?'" 

The new show premieres at 8pm today on TVNZ 2.

Watch the video above to get to know the three new Travel Guides.