Radio station under fire for same-sex marriage Rugby World Cup competition

A radio station is coming under fire for running a competition to see how far Kiwi men will go to win tickets to the Rugby World Cup.

The Edge's Love You Man competition

The Edge is asking two heterosexual male friends to get married in order to win the tickets to the showdown in the UK next year.

"We've done stranger weddings, naked weddings, same sex weddings but this is the first one that we know will end in divorce," The Edge says of its Love You Man competition.

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There are concerns the competition trivialises the legislation of same-sex marriage in New Zealand.

Claire Southern commented on the station's Facebook page: "This competition is disrespectful to same sex couples. We have waited for many years to have the same basic human right to marry that heterosexual couples have had forever."

Bex Betman posted: "Wow!! Big waste of time for some more ratings! Also taking the piss out of same sex marriages is a bit rude!!"

Maureen Baker also expressed her outrage, saying: "This is the stupidest idea the edge has come up with to date. You are giving people the idea that marriage means nothing! Will definitely not be listening or following the edge on Facebook anymore. What a joke"

Some men posted links to their friends asking them to marry them.

While marrying with the express intention to get divorced is not illegal it does raise legal implications for the parties.