Rachel Hunter gives revealing interview on ageing and her recent TV success

Rachel Hunter, Supermodel, actor, TV presenter and mum has been part of our lives since she burst onto the scene in the late 1980's.

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The supermodel, actor and TV presenter’s been part of our lives since the late 1980s. Source: Seven Sharp

In the year where Rachel turns the big five-o, Seven Sharp's Hilary Barry caught up with her to find out how one of New Zealand's biggest ever celebrities is handling the inevitable passing of time.

"I don't even realise, I actually usually forget where I'm at with my age, I have to look at my passport and even then, it doesn't make much sense!" Hunter answered.

When asked if she will party or put her head in the sand after turning 50, Hunter gave a balanced answer.

"I think you should do a bit of both."

To find out what else "our Rach" has been up to lately watch the full interview in the video above.