Project Runway NZ Recap: By Georgia, I think they’ve got it!

Episode seven starts with the designers arriving at a gym, where Georgia is packing punches on Andreas - that is, on a punching pad held by Andreas.

Georgia packs a few good punches on Andreas.
Georgia packs a few good punches on Andreas. Source: Tom Hollow

This week it'll be a quick fiery challenge. With $100 and a day of work, the designers will have to create a multipurpose sportswear look that can go from the gym to the street.

Kerry has lots of ideas, but he's worried about the time constraint. Peni is freaking out because it's only a one-day challenge, but he thinks he's got it, while Benjamin has no idea about sports.

When the designers come to the Fabric Store, Andreas – perhaps taking a page from last week's misinterpretation of the challenge - makes sure that the designers understand what this week's challenge is all about.

There has to be a balance between activewear and streetwear, but above all, they must get Georgia's style. For Caitlin, it's glamorous and feminine, sexy chic for Kerry and edgy for Misty. I get the others, but "edgy"? I don't think so.

Caitlin realises that this challenge isn't about her, so she's determined to mold her ideas to Georgia’s style, and she'll do that with the choice of fabric, which is why she's switched from lilac to a navy sheen texture.

In the workroom, Misty is using a hideous and un-Georgia-like fabric with big colourful lips. She knows it's a stretch and hopes Georgia will be okay with it. I don't think Georgia, or anyone, would be okay with it.

Cami has decided not to use her usual 3D-pattern-making technique. She'll use flat patterns. Good, maybe for once, her design won't look as if it had come out from an overstuffed closet where it has lost its shape.

The next day, Andreas tells Caitlin that her fabric may be tricky for what she's trying to do and advises her to drop some of the details she's envisioned.

Benjamin and Caitlin work together on their designs.
Benjamin and Caitlin work together on their designs. Source: Tom Hollow

Jess thinks Caitlin is mimicking Benjamin's style because they spend too much time together. I don't think so, she's just determined to do her best this week.

Kerry's design may have too many components, but he tells Andreas that he thinks Georgia is not afraid to be quirky. I don't see quirkiness in her, she's too classy for that.

Benjamin is of the opinion that Kerry gets by because he executes his designs well, not because he has any taste. Benjamin may have a point.

Jess’ and Judy’s designs.
Jess’ and Judy’s designs. Source: Tom Hollow

After the anonymous runway show, Judy and Jess are safe. It's good to see that most of the designers understood this week's brief. They've all created a multipurpose gym/street look, but will their client be happy?

Cami's "hiking and street design" is a miss with the judges. Georgia finds the jacket unfinished and likens it to a straitjacket.

Sally-Ann is disappointed that the jacket doesn’t have any functioning part, e.g. pockets, and Benny criticises Cami for always going for the same type of jacket. Cami is finally getting the critiques she should have started receiving in episode two.

Sally-Ann has issues with Benjamin's "clean and chic" ensemble's construction. Both Julia Matthews, this week’s guest judge, and Georgia love the shorts, with Julia singling out the tailoring of it.

Misty’s, Kerry’s and Cami’s bottom looks.
Misty’s, Kerry’s and Cami’s bottom looks. Source: Tom Hollow

However, Benny points out the problematic execution. Although it’s fashionable, the workout/gym element in Benjamin’s design is not too clear to me.

Peni's look is a winner with the judges, particularly the long jacket. Georgia finds the silhouette fabulous. Julia is amazed that the coat was done in such a short time. And while Sally-Ann would prefer the look without the shorts, Benny and Georgia disagree.

Peni’s, Benjamin’s and Caitlin’s top looks.
Peni’s, Benjamin’s and Caitlin’s top looks. Source: Tom Hollow

They think the shorts give the look attitude and street appeal. It's a good look, but I believe that Peni tends to design for a woman that only exists in his imagination, a fantasy of how women should look.

Caitlin’s also a winner with the judges, particularly with Julia who loves her design and would wear it too. Benny is impressed. He thinks Caitlin has designed something she hasn’t seen before.

Sally-Ann says it'd look good on anybody. At first, I thought the colour made it looked like a rubbish bag coming down the runway. It took me a while to understand what was going on and see the merit of the garment.

Georgia tries jacket designed by Peni.
Georgia tries jacket designed by Peni. Source: Tom Hollow

Caitlin is again the designer I saw in the first episode, a woman who understands who she’s designing for.

Misty hasn’t managed to impress the judges with her "lippy" design. Sally-Ann doesn’t think Georgia would wear something like that. Georgia agrees. She doesn’t like the lips. Benny doesn’t think there’s cohesion in the look.

It’s not as if Misty missed the brief, after all, she did do a gym/streetwear, but it just wasn’t Georgia. I thought the look was cool and urban, perhaps a tad too "hood-y" for Georgia, who seems to be more "country-club".

Georgia is impressed that Kerry came out with so many elements in such a short time. She likes the print on the fabric. But Sally-Ann sees an editing issue, there are too many pieces.

When the model takes the shorts off, they all agree it is a much better look. Without them, Kerry could have been the winner. Although I hate the fabric he used for the jacket and duffel bag, the pants and the crop top are great.

Caitlin is this week’s winner.
Caitlin is this week’s winner. Source: Tom Hollow

In the end, Caitlin deservedly wins. Hers was the best and more practical look of the week. Cami walks. She should be happy, considering that she should have gone on episode three when she and Peni did that atrocious dress with green electronic boards.

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