Pint-sized Kiwi entertainment reporter feels like 'a lesser being' meeting superheroes

A nine-year-old New Zealand boy who's probably the world's smallest entertainment reporter and film reviewer says he feels like a lesser being when he's interviewing Hollywood big names.

Barry Heath's love of Superhero movies has taken him to Hollywood to interview stars because what Barry doesn't know about Captain Marvel, Shazam, Ironman, Batman or the Lego movies probably isn't worth knowing.

Jeremy Wells of TVNZ1's Seven Sharp interviewed the interviewer, and asked Barry how he feels sitting in a room with someone like actor Chris Pratt from The Lego Movie 2.

"You feel like you're a lesser being, like everybody knows who he is, but nobody knows a kid who comes from a country whose population is named after a flightless bird," Barry said.

As for Barry's sit-down with Chris Pratt, Barry asked him what was it like playing two characters.

"Good question. I really enjoyed playing two characters. It was a challenge," the actor replied. 

Barry has his fair share of showbiz DNA. Mum is musician Lani Purkis of Elemeno P fame and Dad is rocker and entertainer Matt Heath.

But Barry's encyclopedic knowledge of the arcane world of superheroes is all his own.

Will Arnett who plays Batman guessed Barry's age as "17", and the pint-sized reporter has also interviewed  Zachary Levi - Shazam!

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What Barry Heath doesn’t know about Captain Marvel, Shazam or Batman isn’t worth knowing. Source: Seven Sharp

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