Party-throwers Flamingo Pier release their debut album

After years of throwing festivals on Auckland's Waiheke Island, the boys behind Flamingo Pier finally found time to write an album last year.

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The self-titled album featuring Eternal is on sale now. Source: 1 NEWS

While they all originate from New Zealand, it was in London where founders Luke Walker, Brad Craig & Dominic Jones met and decided to start throwing parties together.

Using a pontoon out the back of a café owned by a friend as a venue, the first ever Flamingo Pier party was thrown.

Dominic reflects, “It did start as putting on parties but naturally because we are all musicians and have played in different bands it became, we’re party throwers but we’re also gonna DJ and make tunes that we could play at those parties.”

After two EPs written with at least one member of the band in a different country than the other two, the pandemic allowed for a unique situation where all three were together.

“It’s kind of this silver lining of Covid for us that we can all be in the same room from the start to the finish for a full album, which I think you need.”

The band describes their style as a mix of disco and "tropical good vibes", citing a desire to play music that works in the middle of the day as the inspiration for their signature sound.

“We’re never going to write a dark and moody album, no matter what.” Walker asserted.

Flamingo Pier are touring the country in July, doing DJ sets in Wellington, Christchurch and Hastings, bringing a full nine piece band to Auckland on July 8-9.