Parris Goebel unloads on Woman's Day editor AGAIN - this time over 'pathetic' apology

Star Kiwi choreographer Parris Goebel has again hit out at Woman's Day Editor Sido Kitchin today, for what Goebel has labelled a "pathetic apology".

Goebel took to Instagram again this morning, after earlier lashing Woman's Day for using her struggle with depression to sell copies of their magazine.

Writing this morning, Goebel told her 650,000 followers: "From the bottom of my heart thank you every one to for your encouraging and supportive messages yesterday.

"But to the editor of @womansdaynz...SIDO KITCHIN. If this was your form of an apology this is pathetic.

"And how about you apologise to me personally not the media.

"If you really had my best interest you should of asked for my consent.

"You know exactly what you have done and no one is falling for this rubbish attempt of you covering your tracks. But nice try anyways babe!"

Goebel's post came after Kitchin had defended the article: "Parris is incredibly inspirational and I thought her courage in speaking out would potentially be very helpful - particularly in New Zealand, where youth suicide rates are the worst in the developed world - and I was very proud to carry a story that would increase much-needed conversation around this area on mental health."

'I have never felt so EXPLOITED in my career'

Posting on Instagram last night, the 26-year-old Gobel said she had undertaken a photoshoot and interview with the magazine "to celebrate the release of my book but you have done the complete opposite".

"I have never felt so EXPLOITED in my career," she wrote.

"I am so disgusted and disappointed."

The Woman's Day cover promotion reads "FROM SUICIDAL TO SUPERSTAR" and the article is headlined "Dancing with demons - PARRIS' DARKEST DAYS".

The story is angled on Goebel's "dark secret" - that she, like many other New Zealanders, has suffered from depression.

"Behind her startling success and her tough-girl boldness, there's a dark secret she is finally ready to open up about," the article reads.

"Parris' admission will come as a shock to her fans around the world ... her Instagram and YouTube channels are filled with power posing shots and fearless dance moves."

Goebel wrote that she had "no say or approval in what was being printed in this magazine".

"How insensitive and what a sad way to portray a painful part of my life to try and sell your magazine!" she wrote.

"I have no problem sharing my past in hopes it will help others, but you have blasted this on your front cover to make sales.

"You shouldn’t be called Womans day as you clearly don’t care about us and how sensitive us woman are.

"I hope none of my followers or fellow high profile NZ friends support, feature or buy this magazine ... spitting on this mag as we speak."

Kitchin said Goebel had spoken openly and at length about her depression and suicidal thoughts, and it was also openly discussed in her book, Young Queen, which is due out on Thursday.

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Images from the front cover and article on Parris Goebel in Woman's Day's March 19 issue.
Images from the front cover and article on Parris Goebel in Woman's Day's March 19 issue. Source: Parris Goebel/Instagram