Papamoa woman greeted like a 'movie star' at her local pub after colourful tornado interview

A Papamoa woman was greeted like a "movie star" at her local pub after a colourful interview about a tornado hitting her neighbourhood was aired on 1 NEWS on the weekend.

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Maria has some tips on how to stay cool during a natural disaster. Source: 1 NEWS

Maria Moore made descriptive sounds and gestures when explaining the tornado and even mentioned how her mum had just had a big win at the "Cossie".

Seven Sharp followed up with Ms Moore tonight and asked her if the TV appearance had altered her life at all.

"I've had a lot of phone calls, a lot of texts, then yesterday after the big cleanup all I wanted was a bottle of beer, so I went to my local across the road and walked in and everyone yelled and screamed like I was a movie star."

However, she was disappointed she didn't get a free beer after Hilary Barry asked if she was treated to one.

"Golly, I didn't think of that," Maria said.

Ms Moore also asked the public if anyone had a replacement trampoline for the "beautiful kids" next door after their tramp was ruined by the tornado.

To finish the Seven Sharp interview off, the Papamoa resident joked with Barry, "I have been told I should take your job darling."

Ms Moore then confessed she is actually looking for work, but not in her usual profession as a swimming teacher.

"I'd like a job running around doing things for people, flitting around here and there and being funny and happy."

Barry offered Ms Moore a hosting stint on Seven Sharp next time she goes on holiday, meaning we may see more of the character from Papamoa on our screens in the future.