Oscar winner Yuh-Jung Youn gives hilarious response when reporter asks what Brad Pitt smelled of

Yuh-Jung Youn told a red carpet reporter "she's not a dog" when asked what Brad Pitt smelled like at the Oscars.

Youn Yuh-jung arrives at the Oscars. Source: Associated Press

The Minari star won the Best Actress in a Supporting Role prize at yesterday's ceremony, where she was presented with her statuette by Hollywood hunk Pitt, who also executive-produced the flick.

And when a reporter asked her what Pitt smelled like backstage at the Oscars, the quick-witted actress quipped: "I didn't smell him. I'm not a dog."

The 73-year-old Korean star was gobsmacked when she heard the Fight Club star announce her name as the winner.

She said: "Maybe I just blacked out a couple seconds.

"What should I say, 'Where am I?' or something like that? But I kept asking my friend, 'Am I saying it right? Do they understand what I'm trying to say?'

"I'm still not myself, so don't ask me too many questions, please."

And the screen star was even more taken aback by how well the 57-year-old hunk had pronounced her name.

She added: "I can tell he practiced a lot - he didn't mispronounce my name. That moment, when I got there, I [was] just lost. What I was supposed to say, 'Should I begin?' or something?"

Youn sparked laughter among the attendees at the Los Angeles ceremony when she insisted there shouldn't have been competition between herself and the other women on the shortlist and there was no major reason why her performance in Minari had been singled out.

Accepting the award from the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor, she said: "Mr Brad Pitt, finally. Nice to meet you. It's a great honour to meet you."

After joking everyone was "forgiven" for frequently mispronouncing her name, she added: "I'm living in the other part of the world, I usually watch on television the Oscars event... Me being here by myself, this I cannot believe. Let me pull myself together.

"Thank you to the Academy members who voted for me, thank you to the wonderful Minari family...

"I don't believe in competition, how can I win over Glenn Close? I've been watching her, so many performances... All the five nominees, we are the winners for different movies, we play different roles, we cannot compete.

"I had a little bit of luck I think I'm luckier than you. Also maybe American hospitality for the Korean actor, I'm not sure."