Opinion: Sky TV's 'upgrade' is hardly an upgrade


So Sky has recently upgraded its software. Turns out, it hasn't gone that well.

I thought it might have been something wrong with our TV but when I checked Sky's Facebook page it turns out I am not alone by any stretch of the imagination.

People are getting fed up paying for a premium service and feeling like that's not what they're getting.

It looks like Brodie isn't alone in her frustration of the network upgrade.
Source: Breakfast

The response some are getting on the Facebook page is this:

"I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your SKY.

"You can try resetting your box using the instructions herehttp://skynz.co/reset.

"If the issue continues please contact the crew at this link http://skynz.co/email or call 0800 759 759 so they can look into this for you."

But it looks as though the problem has not quite been resolved.

The reality is with increased competition thanks to massive players like Netflix, it's more important than ever for television companies to be looking after their customers.

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