NZ’s own Attenborough? Clarke Gayford to narrate nature doco at Auckland show

Clarke Gayford has agreed to narrate the live viewing of a nature documentary at a Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra show next month.

BBC Studios, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and Auckland Live have announced the show, which will combine footage from Planet Earth II and music from the orchestra.

Breakfast presenter Hayley Holt asked Mr Gayford today if he plans on following in Sir David Attenborough's footsteps.

"Lets just clear this up, no one would be brave enough to suggest that they would try and follow and emulate what Sir David has done," said Mr Gayford, who is known for his fishing show as well as being the partner of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. "But I’m borrowing some of his words and I’ll just be giving a bit of context to the show.

"Planet Earth really is the true gold standard of nature documentaries. Some of the technology that they use to capture those scenes was invented for Planet Earth itself, so it's always an incredible thing to watch.

"It's all held together by the APO, and the conductor, David Kay, has to work how to get the live score and bring it to life for the big screen above that will play at the same time as some of those iconic scenes that we know and love on the show."

Mr Gayford said there is also going to be a choir, a soloist and an electric challis to really bring the visuals to life.

The concerts will be held on May 22 and 23 at the ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre.

Currently, there are no tickets available because it's proved to be so popular. But there may be some released closer to the date, Mr Gayford said.

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The PM’s partner will contribute as the Philharmonia Orchestra performs Planet Earth II Live in Concert. Source: Breakfast