NZ made drama about Rotorua gang leader set to premiere next week

A new Kiwi drama set in Rotorua will hit screens on TVNZ 2 next Monday.

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The television show is called Vegas, a reference to the city’s Rotovegas nickname. Source: 1 NEWS

Vegas tells the story of a fictional gang leader who tries to turn around his crime ridden community.

It sees a business owner thrust into New Zealand's dark underbelly after a million-dollar drug deal goes wrong on a blood-stained night, setting off a chain of events between dangerous factions.

The series, filmed on a $6.4 million budget, is based on novel Inside the Black Horse by New Zealand author Ray Berard.

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The series sees a business owner caught up in a million-dollar drug deal. Source: TVNZ

Despite Vegas' dark subject matter, there are also moments of genuine comedy as it explores love and brotherhood against all odds, inspiring hope and redemption.

Eds Eramiha (The Legend of Baron To’a) plays Kingi, the newly appointed leader for Te Toki who hopes to lead his people away from methamphetamine into a new life.

Eramiha described Kingi as "a protector" who is also "very sensitive".

"He knows what’s right and he goes for it, he believes in himself 100 per cent and is not afraid to take a risk.

“He’s passionate about upholding the mana of his whānau with integrity,” he said.

1 NEWS reporter Zion Dayal sat down for interviews with some of the cast in the video above.

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