New Plymouth woman amazed to find her property holds '60s popstar secret

A New Plymouth woman undertaking a home renovation was astounded to find the walls in one room of her new house are plastered with tributes to 60s popstars.

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Katey Pittwood’s home is hiding a unique secret, Seven Sharp went to check it out. Source: Seven Sharp

Katey Pittwood assumes a teenage girl is responsible for putting up the hundreds of posters featuring the likes of Cliff Richards and the Beatles.

Ms Pittwood explained to TVNZ1's Seven Sharp how she made the amazing discovery.

"We bought the cottage and thought we better have a look up in the ceiling with a crowbar because I knew there might be beautiful wooden ceilings up there.

"I put the crowbar in and there were posters on the roof, so we ripped down the wall linings to see if there was more treasure and there was," she said in the room surrounded by pop memorabilia.

An avid music fan, Ms Pittwood was happy with the discovery.

"I started screaming because it was the coolest thing in the world!"

The mystery remains as to who decorated the cottage with the posters - a mystery Ms Pittwood said she is keen to get to the bottom of.