New Frank Sinatra song, generated by AI with help from US scientists, meets scepticism in NZ

A team of computer scientists at OpenAI in San Francisco have done the unbelievable. They've released a new song by Frank Sinatra, except the track has been completely generated by artificial intelligence.

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Algorithms are so advanced they can suggest songs you like and even create whole tracks, seemingly from scratch. Source: 1 NEWS

While no one from OpenAI was able to speak to 1 NEWS, the organisation's website details how if provided with genre, artist, and lyrics as input, the Jukebox algorithm can output a new music sample produced from scratch.

With the likes of Katy Perry, Elvis Presley and Stevie Wonder all being sampled, the results are remarkable.

Rodger Marbeck, who has worked in a record store since the mid-seventies, had a listen to a Frank Sinatra track generated by AI and gave us his thoughts.

"As a Christmas song it's quite nice, nothing wrong with it."

Marbeck says that while the track certainly sounds like Sinatra, nothing can beat the original.

"Music's an emotion. Like I said, it's very hard to synthesise an emotion."

However, that's exactly what music streaming giant Spotify is attempting to do.

It's recently started investing in artificial intelligence, and the research of AI-assisted music creation tools.

Academic Fabio Morreale, from the University of Auckland, says it's only a matter of time until there are artists on Spotify that are completely computer generated.

"I don't see the point of doing it. That's often the case with technology. Often we do something because it's possible, not thinking of the implications."

Morreale says there needs to be rules around how artificial intelligence is being used, with greater consideration of how artists whose work has been used to train an algorithm are credited.