Nelson duo Broods reveal how close they came to quitting before latest album

Brother and sister Nelson duo Broods have revealed how close they came to quitting before their latest album.

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Georgia and Caleb Nott speak with Seven Sharp. Source: Seven Sharp

"It felt for a while everything had burnt down and we didn’t really know what to do with ourselves," Georgia Nott told Tonight.

They were dumped by their record label twice and were very close to calling it quits.

"I was nearly completely bankrupt and thought I was going to have to move back in with Mum and Dad. I had literally a week left I reckon and then the new deals came through," Caleb Nott says.

They didn't give up and out of the ashes came their third album, Don’t Feed the Pop Monster.

"It’s a very loaded title, we’re talking about LA and how it is this big beast that you willingly walk into its mouth and you kind of let it eat you up.

"The industry is like that too, it’s this weird place where all these vulnerable people, all these introverts are being constantly turned inside out for the purpose of entertainment," Georgia says.

For the pair music is therapy as all their lyrics are significant to their lives and the struggles they have been through.

"The beauty of it is that you can put like all the things that seem to be so damaging to you into music," Georgia says.

"It’s a lot easier for you to just be yourself," Caleb agrees.

"Just be yourself and you don’t have to turn on and off," she says.

Too Proud is the latest vocal track for Caleb and it reflects on his periods of depression.

"It’s braver and tougher to talk about your feelings and to get over that hurdle," he says.

They are bringing their Don't Feed the Pop Monster tour to New Zealand with a concert on May 16 at the Auckland Town Hall with tickets selling fast.