Much-loved Kiwi singer Neil Finn announces big Auckland gig

If you're going to spend your summer working, best to do it with loved ones, and in the sweetest spots you can find

Finn will hold a massive outdoor singalong at the city's Arts Festival. Source: Seven Sharp

That's what Neil Finn did. He spent Summer touring the regions, playing to packed and grateful community halls.

By all accounts it was pretty special, but he's getting ready to top that, with a massive outdoor singalong at the Auckland Arts Festival.

Finn's new album will be brought to life as part of the festival next month.

"Yeah quite a special occasion and an exclusive event," Finn says.

Finn's been particularly active of late.

Last year he live-streamed the making of his latest album Out of Silence.

"There's no middle men no gate keepers, you can tell people where to point the cameras, but essentially it's the audience and you," Finn said.

Recorded over four Fridays there were fans, family, and some well known musical friends - Nick Seymour from Crowded House, and Jimmy Barnes

It's a lot of wizz bang for someone who didn't even have a mobile phone three years ago.

"I was a late-comer in the family and being scorned, my brother still doesn't have one. Tim, he's stubborn, yeah," Finn says.

The concert will be a culmination of a massive body of work, online, in the studio and on stage, that will all come together next month as part of the Auckland Arts Festival.