Most watched video: Ed Sheeran gig marriage proposal almost thwarted after song How Would You Feel left out of Dunedin concert

A man nearly missed his chance to pop the question to his now-fiancee at the Dunedin Ed Sheeran concert on Sunday, after the popstar didn't play the couple's song.

The NZ Herald reports Christchurch man Jason Higgins took about a month to carefully plan the moment he would propose to partner of 11 months Tina Cummings at the show.

Mr Higgins anxiously waited for the moment How Would You Feel would be planned, as it was their song.

However - Ed Sheeran announced that Sing would be the last song of the night - so Mr Higgins had to take his chance as pre-positioned friends and family filmed the event.

"I was trying to play it cool and enjoy the show, but sort of lost track of time and when I heard him say it was the final song I thought 'Ay? Hang on a minute, he hasn't played the song that I wanted," Mr Higgins told the NZ Herald.

"I didn't even really get a chance to say anything sweet and lovey dovey, I just went down on one knee and threw the question at her."

She said yes, and they plan to marry late next year.