Modern-day youths head back to the 80s for competitive new TV show

The 1980s was a decade that taste forgot, but would modern-day youths be able to survive it?

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Survive the Eighties was shot before the lockdown and is now set to premiere. Source: Seven Sharp

Shot just before the lockdown, Survive the Eighties is a clever new TV show that sends 20-somethings back to the days of Muldoon and landlines to see if they can handle it.

Contestants face off in 21 retro challenges aimed to push them to their limits.

The youths don vivid outfits and dodgy mo's, zips reign supreme and double-denim is back in fashion for the show.

The man behind the show is award-winning director Mitchell Hawkes and the idea was born of rejection.

"I was pitching this show called Kill The Internet. It was very finger-wavy and blaming people and TVNZ didn't really want that," he told Seven Sharp.

"Then as I was driving home I thought, let's send people back to a time when there's no internet."

The millennials headed back to the 80s for the show, ditching their smartphones and connection to the modern world.

For two weeks of filming, they had to find out just what life was like 40 years ago.

Watch the video for a look behind the scenes of the upcoming TV show.