Minister for Women thanks midwives for going 'above and beyond' after birth

The Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter has thanked midwives after the birth of her baby through the "invasive path of inducement". 

In a post to Instagram, Ms Genter thanked her midwife Jude Cottrell, writing, "as we went past 42 weeks and the baby still hadn't arrived, we had to make the tough choice to go into hospital to be induced".

"Jude was there to back us in taking the least invasive path of inducement, until finally labour kicked in more than two days after our bike ride to the hospital.

Ms Genter rode her bike to the hospital on August 19 for her baby boy to be induced. Ms Genter's bike ride made international headlines. 

She gave birth on August 21. 

"Our midwives go above and beyond for the women and babies they look after, and we need to protect and support them to do this vitally important work.

"I am madly in love with our baby, and setting up new routines. A lot to learn, but we are both doing well!"

The bike-riding MP and partner Peter Nunns welcomed the 4.3kg boy around 6pm yesterday Source: Breakfast