Michael B. Jordan addresses rumours he will star as Superman in new reboot

Michael B. Jordan addressed internet rumours of him potentially playing Superman in an upcoming movie.

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The Black Panther star may be donning the famous suit in the future. Source: Associated Press

It comes as famed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates is penning a new Superman film with producer J.J. Abrams.

"I think I have a selective eye for characters that, you know, may be traditionally one way, you know, and having an opportunity to redo them and give them a fresh take," the Black Panther star says.

"But I'm also, like you said before, very interested in creating new characters and new IP to be able to, you know, give those life and play those type of roles as well, and also just create other opportunities for other talented actors.".

But would Jordan pick up the phone if Coates himself called and asked him to play the famous superhero?

"I'm down to listen. I'm down to talk about, you know, almost anything," said Jordan. "I'm always down to have those conversations, you know. And if not, how can I help a situation and make it better for others."

Jordan is playing the iconic Tom Clancy character John Kelly in the new Tom Clancy's Without Remorse film, and said he hopes this could be the start of a movie franchise like other Clancy books.

"The hope is, you know, with this success and hope that people, you know, enjoy the movie enough, but we definitely plan on this being a franchise. Being a fan of Tom Clancy's work, even as a kid playing 'Rainbow Six' video games…I was always familiar with the universe," said Jordan.

"So to be able to take a familiar character and give it a new take a new spin and, you know, modernising it a little bit that's more reflective of the world that we live in today, I just saw it as a cool opportunity to jump in and do some things that I haven't had opportunity to do before."