Meet Pattie Boyd who inspired some of the greatest songs ever written

As a model she epitomised the swinging sixties of not only London but the world.

Everyone wanted to look like Pattie Boyd.

But it was as an extra during the Beatles debut film that her life began morphing into something truly remarkable.

It was there she met George Harrison, a man she would eventually marry and who would go on to write a number of songs for her including 'Something', a song Frank Sinatra called the greatest ever love song.

After almost a decade though the marriage to Beatle George was over.

But during the latter part of it, Harrisons' friend and guitar legend Eric Clapton became besotted with Boyd, eventually telling her if she didn’t want him, he would start taking heroin.

She didn’t and he did.

For four years gripped by the drug, Clapton was 'off the radar', holed up in his mansion and more drugs.

After eventually emerging he and Pattie Boyd did marry.

He wrote 'Layla' before they were together for her.

He then wrote 'Wonderful Tonight' as she got ready for a party.

Clapton later had an affair with a model which resulted in a child who tragically fell from a New York window and died.

Despite all that and now happily in her third marriage, Pattie Boyd is that rarest of things - an unscathed and happy survivor of the decade which defined her and a generation. 

Pattie Smith is an unscathed and happy survivor of the decades which defined her and a generation. Source: 1 NEWS