Meet the cousins taking the internet by storm with their Te Reo Māori music videos

Meet the cousins taking the internet by storm, and showing their love for Te Reo Māori at the same time.

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Te Haakura and Atareta are spreading their love for te reo with their infectious music. Source: Te Karere

Eight-year-old Te Haakura and 10-year-old Atareta, also known as Te Nūtube, are on a mission to promote and share their love for te reo with the world.

Their debut single Pakipaki Mai has been seen nearly 2.5 million times on YouTube, and they are back with their new single Peke.

Three-years-ago the dynamic duo started making reo Māori videos for their YouTube channel, now they have over 10,000 followers, and are about to launch the third series of a show on Māori TV.

They say it’s all about their love for the language.

“Te Haakura and I grew up speaking Te Reo Māori only, so it’s very much a treasure to us, when we were younger we would always kokero Māori to each other, and do kapa haka and we would do re Māori Facebook videos,” Atareta told TVNZ1’s Te Karere.

Atareta said music was a good way to reach their peers and encourage them to speak te reo.

“You only hear Te Reo Māori being spoken at our school, but sometimes the kids at our school aren’t that into Te Reo Māori so it’s our job to encourage and support them, we do that through music.

They had big ambitions for their latest video.

“I hope our song is successful like Pakipaki Mai, but even bigger,” Atareta said.

“We really wanted to take it to another level, a level where people will hear Te Reo Māori and say ‘ooh, there’s so much value in this’.”