Matty McLean and Brodie Kane ambitiously try to lose weight at Rainbow's End

Slapping on their fitbits, the Breakfast duo tested the theory of theme park weightloss.

Slapping on their fitbits, the Breakfast tested the theory of theme park weightloss. Source: Breakfast


Video: 'I'm in love' - adoring fans turn out en masse to see Ed Sheeran in Sydney

Hundreds of adoring fans came out in force to get a chance to see Ed Sheeran in central Sydney today.

The British musician was only too happy to greet and pose for selfies with the largely young female contingent whoe were waiting for him at Martin Place today.

Sheeran is in Australia for a whistle-stop media tour ahead of the release of his new album Divide on March 3.

The British musician is on a whirlwind press tour of Australia where he’s in hot demand for a selfie. Source: 1 NEWS


Watch: 'Tape Face? What a load of rubbish' – Kiwi comedian slammed over live UK TV performance

He won over millions in American for his unique style of comedy when appearing on America's Got Talent, but now Kiwi artist Tape Face is finding out just how tough a crowd the British are to win over.

Sam Wills, aka Tape Face, performed his mime act on Britain's This Morning, on Saturday, to the horror of many of the morning show's viewers.

Social media lit up with criticism of Tape Face's trade mark performance,  which sees the 38-year-old dress up half as a man and half as a woman.

"Tape Face what a load of rubbish," one user wrote on Twitter.

From pretending to touch the rear-end of his female other half, to giving the victory sign, Tape Face didn't hold back on offending the audience.

"He told the whole of England to f-off," one outraged viewer wrote.

"What an idiot that 'tape face' on @thismorning is. Wasn't funny at all...just embarrassing yikes," wrote other.

There were some who appreciated the Kiwi comedian's talent, posting their praise of him on social media.

"He made my day so much better. Tape Face is so hilarious and creative.

"Hope Tape Face is touring the UK."