Matt McLean: Can you guess which Kiwi act has the most number one singles?

Here's a question for you - which local act has achieved more number one singles than any other?

You'd reach for the obvious, right? Perhaps Dave Dobbyn or Shihad or Split Enz.

You'd be wrong. So wrong.

The New Zealand act with the most number one singles is a group called Deep Obsession.

"I think it's so nice that you even remember who we were," laughs Deep Obsession's lead singer Zara Clarke, when ONE News caught up with her this week.

"It was like a flash in the pan. We were there one minute, gone the next."

It was 1998 when the group hit the scene. At the time, they had a distinct European dance sound, and people were shocked to learn they were from little old New Zealand.

"It feels like it was really quick, but there was so much effort that went into it, that it felt like it disappeared very quickly."

But for a brief moment in time, Deep Obsession made history. Three of their singles, "Lost in Love", "Cold", and "One and Only" went to number one on the official New Zealand music charts.

"I've never felt particularly special in any way. But that moment, I really felt like something special was really happening. Like this was not just ordinary."

But after hitting such a massive high, the band split. It was messy, Zara Clarke tells us, but she doesn't go into details.

She does tell us, though, that she hasn't seen bandmate Vanessa Kelly in 13 years.

The two are reuniting, though, at the 40th anniversary of the New Zealand Music Charts.

"I think it's an amazing opportunity to be part of New Zealand history, because I did kind of feel that we got overlooked a lot of the time," Zara says.

Deep Obsession aren't the only ones being recognised. This is a chance to honour both local and international acts who have achieved success in the charts.

"Music's a snapshot in time of any particular moment, and the charts really service that archive of New Zealand music," says Damian Vaughan of Recorded Music New Zealand.

And the results are in.

Scribe's hit song Not Many spent the most consecutive weeks at number one for a local act - 12 in total.

Pharrell's smash Happy wins the international award for the same honour. People were clapping their hands to that song for 15 weeks.

Tiki Taane's song Always On My Mind spent a record 55 weeks in the charts.

Hayley Westenra and Shihad share the gong for most number one albums, with five each.

And get this - Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album was in the charts for a phenomenal 297 weeks.

But for all the successes, there've been some failures.

Because, let's not forget, we once let Crazy Frog get to number one.

Deep Obsession has the most number one singles, beating Shihad and Dave Dobbyn. Source: 1 NEWS

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