Lost TV footage of The Beatles' unearthed in Mexico - 'If you're a Beatles fan, it's a Holy Grail'

Rare footage of The Beatles' only live appearance on UK music chart show Top of the Pops has been unearthed in Mexico.

The 11-second clip shows the band performing Paper Back Writer for the television program in 1966.

Kaleidoscope, a company which specialises in tracking down missing television footage, was contacted by a Beatles collector from Mexico after the person bought an 8mm reel of the performance, the BBC reports.

While the original footage had been wiped after several weeks to create space, footage which had been shot by a family in front of their television in Liverpool had been found.

"I think if you're a Beatles fan, it's a Holy Grail - there's no doubt about that. The Beatles only did Top of the Pops once live and to think that, you know, somebody in Liverpool was filming off the telly in 1966 and to find it again after all those years later, which is just stunning," Kaleidoscope's Chris Perry said.