Lorde to perform intimate gig in Sydney, as 'Green Light' streams pass 80 million

Lorde will perform an intimate gig in Sydney showcasing music from her new album Melodrama in July.

It will be the first time the Kiwi singer has performed in Australia since 2014 and her first time playing music from her highly anticipated second album, due for release in June.

The first single from the album, Green Light, has already been streamed over 80 million times since its release last month.

The special gig for radio network Nova's Red Room series is scheduled for July 6 and fans will need to tune into Nova to be in with a chance to get tickets.

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Israeli court's Lorde fine a 'political stunt' says Andrew Little

An Israeli court's decision to order two New Zealand women to pay damages for convincing singer Lorde to cancel a show in Tel Aviv was a "political stunt" that goes against principles of freedom of speech, New Zealand's Justice Minister says.

Jewish-New Zealander Justine Sachs and Palestinian-New Zealander Nadia Abu- Shanab were last week ordered to pay $US7800 ($NZ11,870) for causing mental harm to three Israeli teenagers who had purchased tickets to the concert.

The lawsuit was the first ruling to cite a controversial 2011 Israeli anti- boycott law that allows civil action against entities who call for a boycott of the state.

The duo have rejected the ruling, and have instead used the attention to raise more than $NZ34,000 on a crowd-funding website to support mental health organisations in Gaza.

Justice Minister Andrew Little today said the court process lacked procedural fairness.

"It's very unusual for a court in one jurisdiction to be making decisions that affect people in a different jurisdiction," he said.

"It does look to me like a political stunt - at least the legislation on which the court was operating was a political stunt - and it should be treated accordingly."

In December, Sachs and Abu-Shanab's letter to Lorde was published by website The Spinoff.

Days later, the 21-year-old Kiwi musician cancelled the performance, which was to conclude her Melodrama world tour.

Justine Sachs and Nadia Abu-Shanab say they won’t pay, and are fundraising for mental health services in Gaza instead. Source: 1 NEWS


Koi Boys talk fame, reality television and life after The Voice Australia

The Koi Boys have returned to the motherland after The Voice Australia catapulted the group to fame two years ago – and just in time to perform an evening of Motown classics with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

The Koi Boys' Kevin Keepa, Danny Faifai and Nuz Ngatai joined TVNZ’s Breakfast this morning to talk about their success overseas.

Keepa said, "Lots of doors have opened for us that might not have prior to that. We’re rolling along quite nicely, actually, ‘cause we’re here – look! Keeps us foot still in the pond, so to speak".

Another member, Faifai, described their new life in Australia as "glamorous".

"Sun! Nah, at the moment, it's really cold over there. Yeah, nah, it's been great, man. We're pretty busy. We just got back from Fiji couple days ago. We've been doing functions – quite a few of them overseas," Faifai said.

"That's what The Voice has done for us – open doors."

Keepa described The Voice Australia as "an eye-opener", saying the group "went through quite a bit" during their time on the show.

"[The Voice Australia coach] Jessie J was quite cool. She had a potty mouth, you know, off-camera, but I think I remember I said that, you know, we thought we knew everything until we went on that show," he said.

One member, Ngatai, was on reality TV show The GC before appearing on The Voice Australia with the Koi Boys.

"I was already part of the boys during that time, and I was on season one and season three of The GC. I think the boys actually cameoed on the first season, where they captured me at Koi doing my own thing on the streets, so yeah, it was a great journey," Ngatai said.

Faifai said life after fame has been "pretty hectic".

"Every Sunday is just full-on. The audience comes up – it's always different, they're always from around Australia and overseas, and they’re always booking out bars – gets ugly," he said.

Keepa says there have been moments where entire restaurants have been booked out by Kiwis looking to see the group live.

"A lot of folk coming from New Zealand over to see us, so restaurant all full of Kiwis, mostly, sometimes. We always ask, ‘Any Australians here?’ No one puts up their hand up. Everyone’s Kiwis," he said.

However, he says despite the fame, the Gold Coast-based group "get homesick a lot".

"See my whānau, my family and the kai, which is always the best. Here, when you come home, not saying that – will that get me in trouble? Nah. You know, I was saying to Danny, 'Oh, you know I saw Keith Quinn on TV', and said, 'You know you're back home when you see Keith Quinn on the TV screen'. Just things like that."

Faifai says they're currently writing new music, as well as "working on a new project for 2019" – filming an unnamed reality TV series.

The Gold Coast-based group will be performing some Motown classics with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. Source: Breakfast


Kanye West meets Uganda's President, gifts him a pair of signed sneakers

Kanye West handed Uganda's president a pair of his autographed sneakers on Monday during a visit to the East African nation in which the rapper is said to be recording music in a tent.

The 74-year-old President Yoweri Museveni said he and West held "fruitful discussions" about promoting tourism and arts. He also gave West and his wife, reality TV star Kim Kardashian West, "Ugandan" names, the State House said in a Facebook post.

The couple has been vacationing in a national park in Uganda while excited tourism officials see the visit as an endorsement of the country's tourism potential.

Kanye West gifted the president a pair of sneakers. Source: State House Uganda

While Uganda's presidency released photos of a hoodie-wearing West meeting Museveni at the State House, some Ugandans wryly pointed out that the president cracked down on hoodies earlier this year, saying motorcycle riders could no longer wear them in a bid to fight rising crime.

Museveni, one of Africa's longest-serving leaders, has been at the center of unrest in recent weeks after a local pop star-turned-opposition lawmaker, Bobi Wine, alleged torture by security forces. The government denies it.

Uganda's large youth population has increasingly expressed frustration over unemployment and accused the president of being out of touch. The government recently imposed a tax on social media and the constitution was changed to remove an age limit on the presidency, leading some to worry that Museveni plans to rule for life.

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni poses with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West. Source: Facebook/Stet House Uganda

Project Runway NZ Recap: Teams of two and the ego of one

Within the first few seconds of the show, the judges’ choices in the previous episodes move Kerry to wonder what they really want from the designers. By the end of the hour, I’ll be wondering the same.

In a computer recycling facility, Andreas tells the designers that they will need to integrate outdated technology into a fashionable two-piece look. For this first unconventional material challenge, designers will work in teams of two.

The designers ready to take on this week's challenge.
The designers ready to take on this week's challenge. Source: Tom Hollow

Matt who doesn’t like unconventional materials is paired with Beau.

Although Kerry protested her taste in the previous challenge, he seems happy to be teamed up with Judy.

Jess isn’t thrilled to be working with Massey.

Massey and Jess sketch their designs in the computer recycling facility. Source: Tom Hollow

The other teams are Caitlin and Benjamin, Misty and Beth, and Cami and Peni.

After 15 minutes collecting materials around the facility, and with $150, the designers go on the search of fabrics to complement their designs.

In the workroom, Peni checks out and allows Cami to run the show. She’s been top three in the last two runways, so she must know what she’s doing.

Matt senses Beau is not helping him and worries that he will throw him under the bus. He may be right. Beau’s made up his mind about Matt the moment they were paired. He’s not willing to compromise his designs to work along with Matt’s ideas.

The next day when Andreas comes for feedback, he tells Caitlin and Benjamin that passing electric cord as leather may not work. Benjamin disagrees and is confident they’ll make it work.

Cami and Peni try to come up with a unique design.
Cami and Peni try to come up with a unique design. Source: Tom Hollow

When the models come for a fitting, Cami and Peni have nothing for their model to try on. They have created a textile out of green electronic boards joint together by copper wiring, but they haven’t assembled the garment yet. I like the pieces they’ve created, but they look more like accessories than a suitable material for a dress.

On the day of the runway show, Georgia asks Beau how well he and Matt worked together. He sells Matt down the river and says it was challenging.

Georgia – who I must say is doing a fantastic job as the host of the show, introduces the regular judges, Sally-Ann and Benny, plus guest judge Stephen Tilley, an international fashion photographer.

After the anonymous runway show, Massey and Jess’ corporate futuristic look, and Caitlin and Benjamin’s cord passing by leather design put them through next week’s episode.

This week's safe looks, Caitlin and Benjamin's on the left, and Massy and Jess' on the right.
This week's safe looks, Caitlin and Benjamin's on the left, and Massy and Jess' on the right. Source: Tom Hollow

From the winning team, one designer will be this week’s winner, and from the losing team, one will walk.

Misty and Beth are both happy with their collaboration. The combination of 1950s silhouette and Maori patterns celebrating strength and empowerment is a winning look with the judges. Sally-Ann loves the panelling, and guest judge Stephen admires the use of colour. I’m happy to see Misty on the top, I’ve liked her previous designs.

The glamorous look for a mature goth girl that Kerry and Judy have created is a success among the judges. The use of telephone cord as sleeves in the jacket designed by Kerry prompts Benny to label it ‘Vodafone goth’ and fashion forward.

I believe it’s a great look and without a doubt the best design on the runway this week.

This week's looks at the top. Kerry and Judy's on the left, and Misty and Beth's on the right.
This week's looks at the top. Kerry and Judy's on the left, and Misty and Beth's on the right. Source: Tom Hollow

The judges are impressed by the skirt in Matt and Beau’s ensemble. Beau swiftly takes credit for it and tells them it is VHS tape stapled to organza with computer keys covering each staple. But that’s about the only thing they like about the design.

Benny questions the sexiness of the over-sized minimal look top created by Matt. Sally-Ann is the only one who commends him for sticking to what he likes, shame there’s no more cohesion in the look. Sure, but let’s not forget that early on the show Beau announced he wasn’t willing to compromise his vision. So, who’s at fault for the lack of cohesion?

Although Cami loves the movement and colours of their design, both Peni and her agree they could have spent more time putting it together. I can’t see the two distinct pieces that they were expected to create. I only see a dress.

The looks that got with the lower scores. Cami and Peni's, and Matt and Beau's.
The looks that got with the lower scores. Cami and Peni's, and Matt and Beau's. Source: Tom Hollow

Peni tries to defend this arts and craft mess as something a young artist would wear to a music awards show. Why? Because young people have no taste?

Although their design needs work, Georgia knows women who would wear pieces like this on the carpet. Stephen says it’d make a great editorial piece, and Sally-Ann also sees it at a music awards show. Benny is the only one who calls it what it is, a "visual nasty rash".

The winning team is Kerry and Judy, Kerry is named this week’s winner. The losing team is Matt and Beau.

Matt walks. I’m scratching my head on this one. I thought this was a team challenge, and Beau’s remarkable sexy skirt should have been enough to carry them both through.

Like Kerry at the start of this episode, I’m left wondering what the judges really like.

It's the end of the road for Matt.
It's the end of the road for Matt. Source: Tom Hollow

* Project Runway is on TVNZ 2 at 7.30pm on Mondays and on TVNZ OnDemand

Matt and Beau gather their unconventional materials.
Matt and Beau gather their unconventional materials. Source: Tom Hollow