Lord of the Rings 15 years on: A look back at Sir Peter Jackson's epic

The trilogy went on to win 17 Oscars and established NZ as the real Middle Earth. Source: Seven Sharp

He Said She Said movie review of Trolls: 'It's a candy-coated rush'

TVNZ presents a brand new bite-size movie review show that takes a look at the hottest new releases.

So how did our reviewers Darren Bevan and Maha Albadrawi find Trolls? Well, the cinematic duo struggled to find anything bad to say, agreeing it was quite the family delight.

"This is a candy-coated rush of a film," Darren says.

"It's lots of fun, very colourful, enough to keep kids and parents entertained," Maha agrees.

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Maha and Darren take a look at kids animation film featuring Justin Timberlake, Trolls. Source: 1 NEWS


#Michelle2020 hopes dashed as Oprah asks First Lady the question on everyone's lips

Michelle Obama has shut down all rumours suggesting she will be running for the US presidency in 2020 in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

After the US election last month many Americans declared their wish for the popular First Lady to run for office in four years after the upset of a Trump win.

But alas, democrats will be disappointed to hear Mrs Obama's position is a very clear "no", as outlined in her post-election discussion with Oprah, which aired in the US today.

"No, no... If I were interested I would say it," she said. 

"Let me just tell America, this is hard... it requires a lot of sacrifice, it's not something you even look to one family to take on at that level for that long a period of time."

Reflecting on her time in the White House, Mrs Obama said her biggest regret was not doing more against gun violence. 

"We have spent so much time mourning with so many families, that's one of the hardest things," she told Oprah.

"I wish we could have rallied the nation to do something about it, that's something we didn't get done."

The Obama family will continue to live in the White House until Inauguration Day in January, when Donald Trump will take over the presidency.