Locked Down: Anne Hathaway stars in movie about pandemic's 'challenging times'

Films often take years of writing, filming and post-production to create. That may be why Anne Hathaway has no explanation of how her new film Locked Down was put together in a matter of months.

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Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor are to star in a new pandemic-themed movie, Locked Down. Source: Associated Press

"It's a mystery. But I think the answer is Doug Liman. I think that he looks at situations that other people say are impossible and he wants to prove them wrong. And I just think by his sheer determination and force of will, assembled a group of people who were just ready to be along for the ride," said Hathaway. "I really don't know how we did it."

The film stars Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor as a couple who are contemplating separating but are forced to be stuck together as London faces a mandatory lockdown. As they cohabitate together, they come up with a plan that could alter the course of their lives.

"This is not some old script dusted off. We wrote the script from scratch starting in July and that we would shoot it in September and finish it by the end of the year so that we could share it with an audience that is experiencing this lockdown," said director Doug Liman.

"There's such a meta thing of like our act of making this movie may be more outrageous than what Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel's characters do in the movie, which is to decide to rob Harrods."

Ejiofor says the theme of finding joy despite the circumstances not only applies to the characters in the film, but currently in a world that's experiencing the effects of the global pandemic, social justice protests and the recent unprecedented US Capitol insurgency.

"Something that I think you have to bear in mind I think, and that's something that I think is part of the message of this film and part of what attracted me to this film, is that there is an optimism to it and then there is a hopefulness to it. And there is a reconnection to the joy, joyful spirit and that thing of just having to having to bear that in mind that I am a human being—I deserve joy," said Ejiofor.

"We're in these extraordinary, difficult and challenging times on a global scale. And maybe for those reasons, it becomes much more important to always bear that in mind."

Locked Down premieres tomorrow today on HBO Max.