'A little bit smutty' - Hilary unimpressed with viewer feedback after Jeremy's ankles are laid bare

Hilary Barry has joked that maybe Jeremy Wells needs to cover his ankles up after feedback from Seven Sharp viewers.

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Seven Sharp received plenty of feedback about Jeremy’s sockless fashion choice. Source: Seven Sharp

There was no shortage of feedback about Jeremy’s sockless fashion choice, leading to a funny exchange between the co-hosts on tonight's show.

"We have had quite a bit of correspondence about your bare ankles and I feel like we need to address it," Hilary said after eagle-eyed viewers had spotted Jeremy not wearing any socks while doing a promo on the 6pm news.

"Is it a fashion trend?" Hilary asked.

"I’m trying to match you, you’ve got no socks," Jeremy retorted.

"Yeah but I’m a woman and I’m wearing heels," Hilary replied.

"I don’t think it’s a problem because I don’t mind showing a bit of flesh on telly."

Later in the show, Hilary then read out another piece of correspondence sent in from a viewer over the issue.

"Sharon writes, 'I’d rather see Jeremy without any socks or shoes, or anything else'".

"Quite frankly Sharon I think that’s just a little bit smutty and I don’t think it’s appropriate," Hilary joked of the request.

Continuing the trend of the discussions through the show, Jeremy disagreed.

"I think it’s totally appropriate," he said.