Lily Allen speaks about hitting 'rock-bottom', says her wild days are over

Lily Allen was only 21 when her song, Smile, hit number one in the UK.

She was an instant star. And from that moment too, a pop-star brat.

More often than not, her bad behaviour eclipsed her musical talent.

But now, the 35-year-old says her wild days are over.

"I was relying on things like drugs and alcohol to kind of get me through the day," she told Seven Sharp's Hilary Barry.

"It doesn’t work like that, you know," she said.

"I don’t think I knew who I was you know, that was sort of part of the problem, I wasn’t really feeling anything. That's why I was taking drugs and drinking lots of alcohol. I was trying to feel something or be someone else," she said.

She remembers those days as being the most raucous but says her wild days are over.

"I struggle with staying out past three o’clock in the morning these days," she laughs.

Lily Allen played at Auckland's Spark Arena over the weekend.

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Allen performed in Auckland over the weekend. Source: Seven Sharp

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