'Like being drilled in the side of the head' - Taika Waititi, Karl Urban poke fun at Aussie accent on Thor panel




New Zealand director Taika Waititi and fellow Kiwi, actor Karl Urban, traded jokes at the expense of Australia on a panel at Comic Con in San Diego where the third Thor film, Thor: Ragnarok was previewed.

Urban said he was on vacation when he received a call from Waititi who was in Australia, "deep behind enemy lines, saying 'mate, I need help.' And so literally that is why I joined this cast."

Waititi chimed in, explaining: "Karl's from New Zealand like me you know, and he's surrounded by so many Australians".

"It's just the accent. It's like being drilled in the side of the head all day long, like a glass bottle full of nails just like shaking in your ears," Waititi continued, to laughter around the room.

Urban then noted, to much hilarity, that he "almost didn't make it to set because when I came into Australia the customs officer asked me if I had a criminal record".

"And I said, 'oh mate, I didn't know i still needed one to get in here."

The Thor movie hits cinemas in November.

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