Liam Gallagher diagnosed with arthritis

Liam Gallagher is receiving treatment for arthritis.

The 46-year-old rock star has arthritis in his hips and has been advised by doctors to cut down on his jogging in order to prevent aggravating the condition.

Liam - who was known for his party-loving lifestyle during his Oasis days - told Q Magazine: "This geezer is mega, he doesn't f*** about. He gets the needles and whacks them in.

"He sorts it but it keeps coming back. Acupuncture is alright, at least it's needles. I can convince myself it's still a bit rock 'n' roll."

Liam also admitted it feels "great" to have reunited with his 21-year-old daughter Molly, whose mother is Lisa Moorish.

The singer revealed that his girlfriend, Debbie Gwyther, played a key role in their reunion.

He shared: "Obviously, it should've happened years ago ... but, it's great. We've been hanging out loads.

"Molly fitted in straightaway. The lads love her, Debbie loves her. I mean, she's moody. She's got a temper just like me. But it's all good."

During the interview, Liam also discussed his long-running feud with brother Noel.

The 'Wall of Glass' hitmaker - who released his debut solo album, 'As You Were', in October 2017 - claimed that their ongoing spat is good for the music industry.

He said: "I've still got the hump. All I ever give him is love but he slags me off, so I'm gonna bite.

"Then again, without us there'd be nothing. Music would be dead because everyone is so nice. It needs us to stir it up."

Liam Gallagher Source: Bang Showbiz