'I let him down' - former pop princess Yulia says sorry over messy split with manager

Kiwi-Russian singer Yulia, who had her first Number One album at the age of 18, has re-emerged saying she let down Gray Bartlett, the manager who helped establish her career.

The Russian-Kiwi and Gray Bartlett got to number one in the charts before the pair's partnership went sour. Source: Seven Sharp

Yulia and Mr Bartlett met again for the first time in over a decade in a Seven Sharp appearance last night.

And they'll both be playing the Theatre Royal in Timaru tonight and Christchurch on Saturday.

Under the influence of someone close to her, Yulia had taken a very different path over 10 years ago, dumping manager Bartlett in the process.

"I greatly contributed to those things falling apart," she told Seven Sharp.

"I left Sony out of my own accord. I mean Gray was a part of my team and it happened in such a way that I let him down."

Now 30, and a mother of two, Yulia is back to mend a few bridges.

There was a few words, there was a bit of unhappiness there - Gray Bartlett

"I felt like having arrived in Christchurch I needed to say sorry to a few people really," she said.

For his part, Mr Bartlett recalled unhappiness at the time of their professional split, and welcomed Yulia's remorse.

"There was a few words, there was a bit of unhappiness there, no question about it," he said.

"I just wanted to hear that she was kind of remorseful for the way it had happened."

Under the guidance of Mr Bartlett, Yulia had her first number one album at 18.

"Out came the wonderful Into The West which was an absolute smash. I mean I think it sold around seventy-thousand odd albums. Number one for many, many weeks," he recalled.

As for Yulia, she says she has "to do something new" and is working on her third album.