Laura Daniel gets intimate with new Bachelor, Sol3 Mio star Moses Mackay

As the latest episodes of TVNZ’s The Bachelorette draw to a close, the news was announced this week that there was to be new Bachelor gracing New Zealand's screens in March. 

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The new Bachelor, a Sol3 Mio singer will be gracing TVNZ 2 screens in March. Source: Seven Sharp

Sol3 Mio baritone Moses Mackay is on a journey to find love and Instagram followers, so Seven Sharp's resident romance correspondent Laura Daniel went to find out more.

Mackay is swapping a microphone for the rose, with 18 eligible Bachelorettes hoping to walk away with his final rose.

He confesses he's never watched an episode of the show before.

And when he first got the call up, his response was less than enthusiastic.

"When they called me, I said, 'No.' Straight away. I was like, 'Guys, come on,'" he says.

"But then I said to them, 'If you're interested in a multicultural, multi-sizes, multi-everything, I feel like that interests me. Changing those societal roles, I'm in."

Meanwhile his fellow Sol3 Mio stars were keen as to see Mackay step up.

"They were the ones to urge me to do it! So they could watch it and laugh," he says.

Across all three Bachelor NZ series and 24 US editions, Mackay is the first Samoan Bachelor.

"Anything that is different, diverse, is great. Diverse is great," he says.