Kiwis given a shot at making their Broadway theatre dreams come true

The dream of performing on Broadway is quickly becoming a reality for a group of New Zealanders, thanks to a Kiwi theatre heavyweight.

A programme called Broadway Dreams is bringing some of New York’s greatest talents to Auckland to pass on their knowledge.

It was created by Annette Tanner, who was born in New Zealand but has been living in the United States for 22 years.

She has produced shows like Bring It On, Motown, Annie and The Preachers Wife, while also casting for popstar Mariah Carey.

"If you bring people who have a passion for arts education and giving back, and put them with those kids who really just need to learn you spark inspiration," Ms Tanner told 1 NEWS.

"The arts are so much more than just getting on a stage and performing. It's learning how to relate to people better, it's learning how to sing out and not be afraid of actually who you are."

Broadway Dreams has been running for 13 years overseas in the likes of Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Russia and the US, but this is only the second year it’s been in New Zealand.

At the end of the course, students will perform at the Bruce Mason Theatre (7pm, 20 January) and have the opportunity to win a scholarship to study in New York.

Ms Tanner said Broadway Dreams has no age limit because no one stops dreaming.

She said Kiwis stand out in the theatre world because they are "honest and authentic and super nice".

"I think New Zealanders in general are just the nicest people in the world. Often kiwis don’t want to blow their own horn you. They’re the first to say, ‘oh you go it's not me’ and we're like ‘no sing out, you have to'".

Broadway star Quentin Earl Darrington is in Auckland for the programme and said there are several standout performers.

"Culturally there’s different sensitivities and sensibilities and that’s something that’s great.

"The students are so passionate they jump right in, they don’t have quit inside of them which is awesome," he said.

Mr Darrington has just wrapped up playing Mufusa in Disney’s The Lion King and said a hard work ethic is required when working in theatre.

"It's a prolonged commitment and that’s what you need, and that’s what we give support and encourage.

"It's been a great, great career and journey. God has blessed me," he said.

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A programme called Broadway Dreams is importing some of New York's greatest talents to pass on their knowledge in NZ. Source: 1 NEWS