Kiwi songstress Gin Wigmore releases new single, her first as an independent artist

Kiwi musician Gin Wigmore has released new music today, her first single as an independent artist.

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Her latest single is called Hangover Halo, which she wrote while in America. Source: 1 NEWS

Hangover Halo is out everywhere in New Zealand today, including Spotify and Apple Music. 

The musician shared her song on Breakfast this morning, appearing live from her home in Los Angeles. 

Wigmore says she wrote the song in Nashville, alongside producer Alan Salmon. 

"It's got that bit of country-ness to it."

The single has been released independently, without a label which she says suits her spirit better.

"It's so cool. It's not to diss what the label has done. I mean, I got to this point really because I had a label. 

Gin Wigmore opens up on her biggest role yet - becoming a parent

"It was great to have a label to support me ... but now once you kind of know how it all works a little better its great to do it on your own." 

She says the song is about feeling great in yourself, especially after having a baby. Wigmore sang the vocals for Hangover Halo four days out from having her child. 

"It's nice to have song where you appreciate the good parts, and even if they're just little bits."