Kiwi songstress Gin Wigmore promises NZ tour when new album comes out




Kiwi songstress Gin Wigmore is promising a New Zealand tour when her new album is released.

Singer Gin Wigmore talks to Jack Tame about babies and her big push to collaborate with other female artists
Source: Seven Sharp

The US-based artist has just starred in the new Air New Zealand safety video and she's about to release the new album, Seven Sharp reported. 

She's releasing a single from the album every month, alongside the work of another female artist she respects.

There are five singles and collaborations with five women, in her 'Girl Gang' series.

Wigmore, who's also about to become a mother, told Seven Sharp it's too late to fly to New Zealand to have her baby.

"But I will be down there to tour, for sure, when the album comes out. So for now there'll just be lots and lots of lovely little tasty singles, songs with this collaboration of the whole Girl Gang project," she said.

Wigmore said she decided to release the album this way partly because she became pregnant, couldn't tour for months, and needed to stagger the release.

"And also I believe in having songs, music come out really regularly. The way we are, we need bite-sized constant bits of things in this world," she added. 

"I also wanted to figure out a way to collaborate with other women and highlight other women and be supportive of other women."

Seven Sharp reported Wigmore's first song in the Girl Gang series is out now, and she'll be releasing the next four over about the next four months, while her first collaborator is a tattoo artist she respects.

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