Kiwi singer-songwriter Marlon Williams talks about Hollywood debut in A Star is Born

Kiwi musician Marlon Williams is having the year of his life after winning the coveted Silver Scroll award.

Now, he's been nominated for a raft of New Zealand music awards - and has just starred in a Hollywood blockbuster.

The Lyttelton singer-songwriter said of the Silver Scroll award, which he won for his single 'Nobody gets What They Want Anymore': "That's the best award I could possibly receive - to have my fellow songwriters decide that I've written a nice song is the best credit I can get".

The heart-wrenching break-up ballad resonating with his peers and fans alike.

"It's the straightest line between me and the audiences - through grief and misery, you know? It's that connection that's the most universal and people don't want to feel alone in their misery," Williams said.

The star also made his Hollywood debut in A Star is Born, one of the biggest films of the year.

"In real wonderful old-school fashion, [actor and director Bradley Cooper] just heard me on the radio and came along to our show at the Troubadour, which luckily, was one of my all-time favourite shows I've ever played, and then I got a call a few weeks later [and] he's written a scene around me coming and being in the film."

Williams' trophy cabinet could also have a few new additions in a few weeks' time after he was nominated for four New Zealand Music Awards. Williams will not be attending the ceremony as he will be touring through Europe.

However, Kiwi fans will get a chance to see him perform with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in February.

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    Europe correspondent Joy Reid caught up with him for an exclusive chat in London as he tours Europe with his band. Source: 1 NEWS