Kiwi sibling quartet the Thomas Brothers return with new single This is Our Time

Kiwi band the Thomas Brothers' new song hits a personal note, dealing with issues of personal tragedy and loss.

After their last single Sorry peaked at number 13 on the New Zealand Hot 20 Singles chart, the Auckland-based quartet are back with This is Our Time, the second single from the band's sophomore album, Together.

While the band is known for its distinct pop sound, the Thomas Brothers' newest effort shows off a different side of their musical range, taking a slower, more emotional tone.

"I wrote it for my wife when she was going through a hard time," Thomas Brothers lead singer Samuel Thomas told 1 NEWS.

"The biggest difference with this album is we're just doing what we want to do - instead of trying to please everyone."

The band consists of four of the six Thomas siblings. Bassist Josh Thomas said that it was important for the family to support Sam and Patrycja through their darkest times.

"Obviously, it's a sort of uncomfortable subject to deal with, especially in a song," he said.

"But we knew that as brothers, we had to be supportive of Sam in writing the song, letting him express himself, and show his grief in a way that could give us all strength."

Critics agreed, with Music Managers Forum writing, "This Is Our Time is a contemplative, piano-driven ballad, which showcases the song-writing prowess of the band's lead singer, Samuel Thomas."

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