Kiwi rock band The Datsuns drop 7th studio album

New Zealand band The Datsuns have just dropped their 7th studio album titled Eye to Eye.

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The album, Eye to Eye, made its debut on Friday. Source: 1 NEWS

Their previous album, Deep Sleep, released in 2014, could not have been a more appropriate title, as it's been seven years since we've had a release from the lads, who formed in Cambridge while still in high school in the mid-'90s.

The Datsuns' debut self-titled album was released in 2002 and broke through in "pre-internet" ways to great success, reaching number 1 in New Zealand and 17 in the UK album charts.

Today the band resides across three different countries, with vocalist and bassist Dolf de Borst in Sweden, guitarist Christian Livingstone in the United Kingdom, and guitarist Philip Somervell and drummer Ben Cole in New Zealand.

The '70s-inspired, grunge-metal-meets-garage-rock band have remained together despite the long distance - contrary to what some may think - due to each of them working on independent projects outside The Datsuns.

"If there were three gigs booked on the same night, it would be The Datsuns show I'll be playing," says Cole.

Their new album Eye to Eye, which was released on Friday, features 11 tracks, each stylistically varied.

"It's an album entrenched in the past, remodelled for the future, one unknown and uncertain more than ever," the band said in a press release.

The Datsuns are currently working their way through the Covid-19 restrictions in hopes of performing for their beloved fans within the next 12 months, but like all events in this pandemic environment, nothing is certain.

One thing that is for certain, The Datsuns are still very much a creative powerhouse making the best music of their lives and have a lot more to come - watch this space.