Kiwi jam! Auckland bros fusing Coldplay, Muse, Linkin Park to create groovy summer-rock sound

Insomnia can seem like a curse in many cases.

But for the likes of "I-don't-sleep" Auckland musician Samuel Thomas, insomnia triggers a train of thoughts, emotions and melodies that surge to the creative mind.

On one particular morning, through all the motions between sleep deprivation and a cluster**** of ideas, Sam just couldn't go home; or go to bed.

At the ungodly hour of 3am, after an intense band practice with his brothers Joshua, Joseph and Benjamin, Sam stayed up and wrote his new pop-rock single Man It's Late! I Need To Get Home.

To watch the full "I Need To Get Home" clip, and to see their other music videos, you can visit their YouTube channel here.

The single, which has become an epic, adventurous, self-directed, self-edited music video, is off Sam and his three brothers' self-produced debut album "Thomas Brothers".

"I looked at my watch and said "Man it's late! I Need to Get Home!"... instantly, I knew I had a hit," Sam told 1 News Now.

"I also knew I wasn't going home until I had written that song. I constantly have a melody playing in my head. I can't escape it. Especially when the world is quiet.

"Often, as I'm falling asleep, a melody slips into mind. I tell myself "ignore it and it will go away". A minute or two later I slide out of bed and make my way to the piano.

The Thomas Brothers: Joshua (bass), Benjamin (drums), Samuel (vocals, piano) and Joseph (guitar). Source: Supplied

They dropped their album last week after what Sam, a TVNZ editor for Seven Sharp, described as a "tough four years".

"Be very careful who you listen to when seeking advice on making an album," Sam told 1 News Now.

"There are a lot of people who say they know the music industry and that they want to help you; but in the end they are only trying to use you.

"This is something we experienced first-hand while making this album - which is also why it took four years to complete."

If Coldplay, Muse and Linkin Park are fancy-ticklers for you, then the Thomas Brothers are likely to be in your good books.

It's not just their melodic-pop-rock sound that screams "Kiwi summer jam", it's the authenticity in their back story that also resonates.

The Thomas Brothers last week dropped their debut album, which was four years in the making. Source: Supplied

"I Need To Get Home" was shot at numerous locations around Auckland.

In it a monkey chases the band through native bush. This location was Auckland's Woodhill Forest.

The river in the video is at the back of a mate's house in Kaukapakapa.

Bethells Beach was the giant cave, finishing at Hobsonville Point, with the brothers playing while the monkey dances.

Its master finish wasn't without a few hiccups along the way.

Sam's brother Joshua hurt his back quite badly before shooting started.

Auckland-based pop-rock band the Thomas Brothers. Source: Supplied

Several times Joshua had to lie down between takes just to get a moment's relief for his back, Sam said.

"It didn't help that we had to travel to many of the locations on foot whilst carrying heavy camera equipment.

"We had to be extremely careful when navigating that cliff edge as it was riddled with rat traps and poison.

The Thomas bros - Samuel (singer, piano), Joshua (bass), Joseph (guitar) and Benjamin (drums) - were born and raised in the North Shore.

The album is available from all major online stores.