Kiwi dark comedy This Town hits cinemas after Covid-19 delays release

Kiwi dark comedy This Town is opening in cinemas around the country after its April release date was pushed back due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Director David White and actress Robyn Malcolm discussed the audience's reception of the film. Source: Breakfast

The film, shot in Waipukurau, in Hawke's Bay, follows a man in a small town who falls in love five years after he may or may not have committed a mass murder.

Actor, writer and director David White said the local community - where the film premiered - was "very embracing" of the film, adding that he was amazed about the "amount of laughter" coming from the audience.

"There was so many more jokes that both Auckland and Waipukurau got that I was like, 'I didn't think that was that funny but fantastic,' and then also it's definitely a dark comedy so there's bits that go down and ... you could hear a pin drop at moments," he said.

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This Town is about a young man looking for redemption who’s pursued relentlessly by a local petting zoo owner. Source: Seven Sharp

Actress Robyn Malcolm added that New Zealanders have "a really dark sense of humour".

"I was watching it in Waipukurau the other night and what really stumped me was that we've made a movie that's really tragic and very funny, and you would be nervous that one would cancel out the other but it doesn't.

"The audience was able to fully laugh and then pin drop starts and they were able to move with it, which was really wonderful to see." 

This Town is now playing in cinemas.