Kiwi cola set to stock the shelves of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's restaurants




New Zealand cola will served at celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's Italian and Barbecoa restaurants across Britain. 

Jamie Oliver

Source: Bang Showbiz

MailOnline reported Oliver's restaurant group signed up with the Kiwi founded Karma Cola and will begin selling the drink this week. 

Karma Cola is a fair trading company created in 2012.

It set up a charitable foundation in a Sierre Leone community where the cola nuts are sourced from. 

Chief executive of the Italian restaurants Simon Blagden said Karma Cola used "responsibly sourced ingredients", reported MailOnline. 

Oliver recently launched a video of himself taking aim at the New Zealand government over a lack of sugar tax, and called it a "disgrace" no governing politician attended a symposium on the topic in June. 

"The fact they're not there is a bloody disgrace, it's an embarrassment, and they should not be entrusted with child health if they don't turn up to your event," he previously said on the video. 

Coca-cola will still be offered at the Italian and Barbecoa restaurants alongside Karma Cola. 

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